Unofficially yours

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I have no right to demand, to feel jealous or upset
You said so yourself, I am not your girlfriend
No need to inform you when and if I go on a date
Or ask your permission when I want to stay out late

I must not miss you and wish that you’re with me
Setting time for me is not your responsibility
Must not be too happy with our walks at night
Of hearing your voice at the first break of light

If I want to stay here I must not let love grow
Must still be strong enough for when you have to go
I know not my limits and lines I must not cross
Tell me because I’m lost at how this thing goes

I must not be too confident and let my guard down
You are not mine and I have no right to frown
There is no agreement, affirmation or a pact
I know not what we are but what we are not


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