My Excruciating Pleasure

While you hate the sound of my name,
I am longing to hear even a sigh out of your mouth.
While you throw away our memories,
I reminisce every single moment spent with you.

You took my heart with you when you left
Not leaving anything for me to spare
Now I’m here hanging on to yesterday
While you can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

I may be smiling all day long
But when the moon rises, so does the pain
I let myself succumbed in sorrow
As the hole in my chest rips me apart.

I can never move on, I know
Forever I would be trap in your fake love
For it is the only heaven that I know
That still keeps me in this world…

I wrote this almost three years ago, and it reminds me of how I used to be back then. Loving without thinking… I’ve gone quite a long way… but hey what do you think about this poem?

(C) Joan Miranda


16 thoughts on “My Excruciating Pleasure

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Hahaha, its the past, and like if you like how it is written…:D
      Thanks for reading… it means a lot to me

      • Bob Othman says:

        Oops, this i NO LIKE! Anyway, everyone has heartbreak stories, yes? We all go to the same road leading to heartbreak hotel, where empty promises were made, and feeling crushed like it’s the end of the world.
        But we bounced back, picking up the pieces and at first, being wary of any new notes of love, closing the hearts for fear of the scar.
        Those sorta things, you know. Something like that.

      • LilMissJoan says:

        Now that comment I like..:D
        I have to graduate and love will come later.
        I’ll cross the bridge when I get there,
        all in good time,
        in HIs time

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