Society’s Curse

If I was a boy and you were a girl,
I won’t waste time and court you right away
I won’t give up, I’ll never stop
I’ll give to you all the contents of my heart

I’ll tell the whole world how much I love you,
I won’t hesitate to meet your parents too
I’ll walk you home and bring you roses,
I’ll sing you songs and write you verses

I wouldn’t care if you don’t return my affection,
I’ll still surrender to you all my emotions
I won’t ever want any other being
For you’re the only one worthy of my feeling

Yet I’m not a boy and you’re not a girl,
We live in this world where life is unfair,
Where boys do the courting and girls do the waiting
Or else I’d be judged, be called cheap and annoying

(C) Joan Miranda


6 thoughts on “Society’s Curse

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Awww… thanks…:) Coming from a great great great artist such as you, I am very very grateful…:)

      • ~Lady Day says:

        ah dear, I was a young writer once. And my daughters are very young writers…your talents truly beam and you are already a great artist in your own unique way…trust in that, and let no one tell you different. Nice to meet you through writing~R

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