His Princess

He tried to act strong but he fell into his knees,
Knowing its the last time he’ll get to see her like this
For tonight she is leaving and there’s nothing he can do,
The sky is painted red but his heart is feeling blue.

Flashbacks kept coming as they hugged for one last time,
He couldn’t stop the tears as he told her goodbye,
It’s the first time that I have seen him cry,
I can see how much he loves her just by looking at his eyes.

He kept on walking until he couldn’t walk anymore,
He let out a scream that carried all his pain and sorrow,
Then the rain started pouring and the lightning roared
Gone is the girl he cared deeply for.

I watched as he bent down his head and said a little prayer,
How he plead with God to please look after her little angel,
He asked of Him to tell him about how much his father loves her
That’s they’ll meet again soon and be together forever.

A poem I wrote in honor of Father’s Day.

(C) Joan Miranda


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