Frustrated Poet

I love you but I have to tell you no,
I love you but I have to let you go,
I gave myself away trying to please you over,
But you were never there when I needed a shoulder

You didn’t bother to ask if I’m still doing alright,
While I’m doing the favors you asked me to do last night
You didn’t notice how frustrated I’m becoming,
Being with you is starting to be tiring.

We’ve been together for years but its only now that I notice,
You never loved me, never cared, you’re nothing but an opportunist
Surrounded by thousands of people yet still feeling alone
Wondering if there’s a place in this world where I truly belong

If I am wrong and you really do care then don’t let me get away,
Tell me I matter and that you want and not just need me to stay
For right now I’m tired but I’m trying all my best
I’m busy fixing my life to start minding anything else…

(C) Joan Miranda


20 thoughts on “Frustrated Poet

    • LilMissJoan says:

      It’s about my friends who always ask me favors but when I am the one in need was never there… 😦
      Sigh, I can’t help getting disappointed and frustrated… 😦

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Thank you…:)
      I was waiting for your comment actually hahaha…
      I always feel good wheneer you comment on my poems, something to look forward to all the time
      Like “What does david think about my poem?”

  1. musicsaint says:

    Something sometimes do not be the way they look, keeping friendship, love and all good things on hook, its when u have only one to hold your hand and only one shoulder to cry, only one pushing you to get up again, only one telling u to try…no stars, no divine power and no one new….that one is no one else than u………when we made friends or had love to give, why do we think that we will have the same to live….its not them who kills us from inside, its our expectations those are responsible, but they hide… v never thot that we are expecting something from the ones we love, but in the end v just have disappointment to glove……..for these hidden expectations are the ones we should kill, for we dont have some one as loving as us still………..

  2. malctg says:

    Hi Lilmissjoan Thank you for liking my poem ‘In and out of debt’. Like your poem reminds me of my second divorce. Never bothered again. Malctg The Foureyed Poet

    • LilMissJoan says:

      I’m “glad” I was able to connect with you in a way…:)
      Your poem is great…:)
      Just pour out those emotions…

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