Happily Never After

No doubt my heart is consumed by his existence,
His presence lingers even in his absence,
I hear his voice, I see his face,
Though we’ve already decided to go separate ways…

The memories we shared are starting to feel unreal,
I’m almost convinced that they were all just a dream
Did he really smiled and bothered looking my way,
Carried my bag, walked me home and talked all day?

My eyes wont permit me to shed him a tear,
But my heart’s in agony trying to keep still,
Is this how our tale will be remembered
In happily never after, the story ended

Now tell me what else is there to write about,
When I’ve lost the only person I couldn’t live without
My source of inspiration vanished in thin air,
Leaving this page tragic and beyond despair.

(C) Joan Miranda


7 thoughts on “Happily Never After

  1. caitlambert says:

    Are all these poems just about one guy, or are they just about heartache in general? Just curious, but I’m noticing a pattern in the topics of the poetry. It’s good, I’m just wondering.

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Its all for one guy…
      Everything since my post in January…
      except Napoleon Napoleon and Waiting in the Wings, they were for a friend of mine…:)
      Thanks for taking the time to read…:)

      • caitlambert says:

        Well I can relate, but usually I can only write a few poems about it before I get tired of it and have to move on. Since my break up in last October, a few of the “break-up” themes kind of linger, but I’ve always heard that dwelling on something doesn’t make it better or go away. It’s good to express feelings in writing, but my mom always told me about not letting things dwell and fester into hate. Just thought it might help. Whatever happened, it’ll be okay.

      • LilMissJoan says:

        We were never a couple nor loves, it was a one sided affair as my poem strongly suggests…:)
        Yet somehow the pain is more inspiring to write…
        It’s more powerful an emotion than any other thing…

        I won’t deny I still reminisce but I learned to keep it down a notch just so much that it gives me something to write about…:)
        Im currently exploring other things to write about so wish me luck///:)

      • caitlambert says:

        Like I said, it will be okay. Feelings are what keep most people going & us still writing. I know you’ll find a break in the cycle. I’ve had a lot of problems with my writing too. My poems I’ve been posting are of the current past, but it’s been hard to find inspiration too. 🙂

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Really really thank you…:) I’m glad you could relate…:) You’re not the only one with problems at heart, I am here, your sister in pain…:)

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