For the Best Man in my Life

He was lying on the couch watching television,
I was busy eating lunch longing for a conversation
“Hey dad, how have you been?” I imagine myself saying
I tried to speak up but I just sat there and did nothing

How I wish I have the strength to envelope you in a hug
I miss you so much and I wish that I can ask you out
Outside I’m a lady but inside I’m still your first daughter
I’m still your little girl who misses her father

Am I growing up the way you pictured me to be?
Are you disappointed or happy with what you see?
There’s nothing I want more than to make you proud
To make you feel how much you are appreciated and loved

I can go on stage and talk in front of a million people
Yet I become mute when it comes to people I deeply care for
Daddy don’t think for a second that I do not care about you,
You are always going to be my first love and forever I will love you.

(C) Joan Miranda


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