I’ve been here for hours waiting for you to say a word,
Waiting for you to offer your hand for me to hold
Did I forget I was invisible or are you just too blind?
Or maybe even worse you can see me but you just don’t mind.

You told me that you like me but that I couldn’t stay,
For you’ll just end up hurting me at the end of the day
You care enough that you don’t want to see me cry
So can you tell me why you’re telling me goodbye?

If I break my heart it wouldn’t be your fault,
I chose to be here and see how this story will unfold,
But will it break your bones to show you want me here
To put your arms around me and tell me how you feel

Be as passive as you want, but I’m not giving up,
I’ll give it my all just to win your love
Someday you’ll be looking at me with the same sparkle
And I will have you falling under my spell.

(C) Joan Miranda


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