Two Left Feet

Teach me how to dance for I have two left feet
I didn’t catch that last step so would you please repeat?
I know in my head what moves I must make
Yet everytime the music starts, I keep making a mistake

I’m trying my best but I just can’t get it right,
Maybe I’m just not fit for this kind of spotlight,
Envy invades me as I watch them sway and leap
Tempting me to just turn my head and leave

Yet a little voice in my head tells me not to quit
Just keep practicing, that ought to do the trick
Is that all you got? Are you really giving up?
It’s okay to get tired and hit pause but never stop.

If you need help then don’t be afraid to ask,
Pick someone to teach you, one that you can trust,
Let your heart listen to all the beats and the rhythm
Erase all your worries and let yourself learn.

(C) Joan Miranda


26 thoughts on “Two Left Feet

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Thank you…:)
      I hope it helps other people who gets to read it and having a moment of cowardice.
      Thanks for visiting

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Thank you David…
      Dancing was never my strongest suit and the words just came to me…:)
      I just wish that people can at least be inspired not to quit by what I wrote, not just in dancing but in other things in life…:)

    • LilMissJoan says:

      From your profile it says there that you are a teacher, and you write splendidly.
      Your compliments mean so much to me.
      It brightens up my day knowing that some people bothered to read what I wrote and share to me their insights…:)
      I’d really love to get to know you well but I can’t find where to click about you on your site…:)
      Again, thanks so much

      • David says:

        well, my about is there, but I don’t think there is much there:) you can ask anything you like though…and in all seriousness, everything I have read by you is very well written

      • LilMissJoan says:

        Now that just melted my heart…
        ooh I have plenty of questions, I’ll send them to you later… but for now I have to meet and surprise my friend for his birthday…:)

      • LilMissJoan says:

        Hmmmm… what made you write?
        What led you to writing?
        Where do you get your inspiration?

  1. ~Lady Day says:

    oh sweet girl, you are a great writer, this had the true sweetness of your voice all through it, you dance spendidly through lyric, and so our souls dance with yours.:)

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Thank you! I’ll never get tired of saying how thankful I am that i have come across your blog…:)

  2. dpbowman says:

    β€œIf a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” -Thoreau
    Dance on dear soul! ~Regards, Dan

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Me too.. I’m not a good singer but I’d rather sing in front of a thousand people than shake my hips even for just a few people

  3. globalunison says:

    Through this poetry, you taught your readers a beautiful lesson!! Life requires all courage to keep moving! We need to be bold enough to keep making attempts until we succeed!
    Simply amazing poetic skills!
    With love,

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