A Taste of Brown’s Gourmet

Whether it be academics, heartbreak or a heavy workload weighing you down, located in the 2nd floor of Regis Center, Katipunan, is a place to soothe both your soul and stomach, -Brown’s Gourmet.

Once inside, say goodbye to chaos and let yourself be captivated by the delicious aroma of food being cooked to absolute perfection that will make you forget all your worries. Brown’s Gourmet has a very cozy atmosphere, attracting diners from all walks of life. From healthy appetizers to desserts with a twist, every bite promises nothing but goodness.

Here’s some of my top three dishes that you must definitely make time to try:

Beef Bulgogi Omm Rice

viber image7

Omelet ,schomelet, here’s a better way of having eggs, paired up and joined with by the awesome bulgogi rice that will keep your craving for more (P250)


Crispy Adobo Flakes Pasta

viber image2

I’ve never heard of a Filipino who doesn’t love adobo, so what better way to enjoy pasta than combining it with adobo flakes topped with parmesan cheese and drizzled with olive oil, this is truly the heaven of all pastas. (P180/330)


Whole chicken + 4 Rice + 4 sides

viber image6

Food are best enjoyed with company, so invite your friends to taste this roasted chicken that contains nothing but pure awesomeness. Every bite is to be savored as the tender meat oozes with sauce that would make you feel like that anime character in a cartoon.  There’s even a bonus of four healthy side dishes you can choose from.  (P640)


Other delicious items on the menu:

viber image9

Caramelized Pear + Lemon Basil Dressing (P150)

viber image8

Mushroom + Spinach Croquettes (P120)

viber image4

Crispy Tawilis + Ginataang Kalabasa (P225)

viber image5

Salt + Pepper Pork Ribs (P195)

viber image

Assortment of refreshing smoothies (P110 each)



Villa Escudero Day Trip

Are you drained out from work? Do you feel deprived of a stress-free day? If so, then it’s about time you take a break, so you could fully recharge and give yourself that one day of escape that you so desperately need and deserve.

You don’t need to go overseas nor travel far if you’re coming from the country’s capital, the very busy, Metro Manila.  Just hop on to any bus headed to Lucena and get off at Villa Escudero and prepare yourself for a refreshing treat.  Fare from Cubao is Php 190.00

Why Villa Escudero? It’s only a few hours away from the city that you don’t have to book a hotel for an overnight stay. The only noise you’ll hear here are guests laughing, birds chirping and the famous waterfall where you’ll be treated to a sumptuous lunch.

I highly recommend booking thru their website as they tend to have loads of promos and discounts depending on the day that you will be visiting. Also, do book a schedule during Friday-Sunday as that’s when a cultural show is scheduled to allow you to appreciate further the Filipino culture.


Source: Villa Escudero website


Your day tour pass gives you access to a free museum tour, carabao cart ride to and from the main entrance, buffet lunch by the waterfalls, bamboo rafting and an access to the swimming pool and other resort amenities.


Aside from preparing your stomach from a hearty meal. I highly recommend that you bring a set of clothes, swimming attire, toiletries and beach towel for you to fully enjoy the experience without having to buy them at the shop inside.

The place opens at 8AM and en its day tour at 5PM so I highly recommend traveling around 5:30-6AM so you can have a lot of leisure time to just sit back, relax, and soak in fresh air.


Front entrance of the Villa Escudero Library



Get ready to be serenaded by mellow Tagalog songs as you travel to the resort in the carabao cart


Lounge and swim to your heart’s content. There’s even a jacuzzi in the upper pool that is strictly for adults


The edge of the pool gives you this spectacular view of nature that is sure to melt your heart

IMG_3058 (25)

After your dip, make sure to give bamboo rafting a try and be in the calm, enfolding arms of the the Lake Labasin


Once you get hungry, soak your feet in the water as you enjoy a healthy, picnic buffet lunch in front of the man-made waterfall that used to help operate the hydro power plant. 

Then rest for a while, watch the cultural show at 2PM before heading back home to the Metro.

PS There are also bikes in the resort that you can rent, you can also play some billiards or even go fishing (but you need to bring your own pole) at Lake Labasin.



Everyone of us is dreaming of a day where we don’t have to worry about   money. It might sound impossible, but it’s not. With the help of FX Action Team Philippines, you can turn your savings into an investment that could change the way you live your life.

They regularly conduct briefing and previews on their office and off-site to reach their goal of having one trader per household. Not only will they be helping individuals but the Philippine economy as well.

This coming October 9, 2016, the team will be holding a Mega Preview at Crown Plaza Grand Ballroom to introduce Forex to interested individuals who want to take a chance of becoming the next mollionaire.

Forex unlike the stock market has a two-way earning method that allows you to grow your money whether the market is up or down. It is also a fast-paced environment that can allow you to make money every five minutes or so.

If you are interested to attend the Mega Preview and get a chance to be educated about Forex and take home exiciting raffle prizes, simply make a comment here and I’ll reach out to you for your FREE ticket (limitrd to ten slots).

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get earning!

Novuhair Supports Alopecia Areata Awareness in Celebrating Inner Strength

img_5224September marks the month-long commemoration of Alopecia Areata awareness worldwide. Alopecia areata is a condition when hair loss occur due to faults in the immune system attacking the hair follicles which results in partial or total loss of hair on the head and other parts of the body.

Leading this year’s celebration in the country is Alopecia Philippines, a group founded by singer and songwriter Abby Asistio in 2012. She has been championing the cause of empowering citizens with this condition.

Abby is no stranger to alopecia, having been diagnosed with alopecia areata since she was four years old. Abby’s decision to come out in public with her condition was a major turning point in her life.
On September 2012, Abby decided to start an online campaign in time with Alopecia Awareness Month by inviting family and friends to pose with the double “A” (inverted “V”) sign using their fingers on the photo sharing site, Instagram. It quickly caught on and Abby was overwhelmed by the response from netizens, with over a thousand photo contributions to date.
This paved the way for the beginnings of Alopecia Philippines. It aims to raise awareness about alopecia and correct common misconceptions and perceptions about it, provide encouragement to people afflicted with it, and create an online support community for them.
Inspired by Abby’s honesty and courage, men and women, kids and teens from different walks of life began sharing their own stories and struggles living with alopecia. What started out as a group of ten is now more than 300 members strong and its Facebook page – Alopecia Areata Awareness, draws followers from all over the world.
Novuhair has been supporting the cause for Alopecia Philippines through Abby Asistio. Abby have been using the brand continuously since March 2013 and she has only praises to share using the product.
Nature has provided a safe and effective answer to hair loss and scalp disorders. Novuhair is the only topical scalp lotion in the market that has the highest concentration of natural ingredients, FDA-certified and ACD-compliant. Novuhair is a homegrown, proudly Philippine-made product that is globally competitive.
Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner are available in all Mercury Drug Stores and other leading drug stores nationwide. For more information visit http://www.novuhair.com, like the brand’s official Facebook Page at Novuhair Official, Instagram: @NovuhairOfficial and follow it on Twitter at @NovuhairNatural. You may also call the Novuhair hotlines at 4136570 and 09228830575 and order online at Lazada and regaloservice.com.
Abby Asistio Alopecia Awareness Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/18z01PGOW0w

Pocket-friendly Davao-Samal Itinerary Part 1

You don’t have to splurge cash just to have the perfect vacation. All you need is patience, planning, a street-smart attitude, and saying YES to the holiday you so desperately deserve.

The day before 2015 said goodbye, Cebu Pacific had the ultimate Piso Fare Promo. I was able to buy Davao City round trip tickets for only Php600.00. The catch, I have to wait for six months to get there (June 18-20). After having the trip, all I can say is that, it was definitely worth the wait.

Here’s our travel guide for you readers, so that you may know what to expect, and an estimate on how much to bring with you.

Davao International Airport

There is not much to explore at the airport, so it’s best to start the day, after all, we arrived at Davao at 07:45 AM.There are some food stalls, if you are feeling hungry, but we highly recommend eating elsewhere as airport food are very pricey. If you’re going straight to Samal, make sure to withdraw as much as Php4000.00 before going there as there is only one ATM in the island, located in City Hall.

Samal Island

Hop on to a taxi straight to Sasa Wharf (Php 75.00). Wait and board for an Island Bus and get off at Penaplata  Warehouse(Php50.00). From there, board a Habal going to your pre-booked accommodation. We booked ours through AirBnB.com, La Vida Orchard. We got a nice room for Php1200.00 (good for 2 pax). They also have mixed-dormitory available at Travelbook for Php420 per pax.

There really isn’t much to see at inland Samal. Go to Hagimit Falls and Batcave, but no more. The so-called Japanese cave is nothing more than a small hole that really isn’t worth seeing.

Make sure to ask and confirm rates before riding a Habal .I highly recommend not to hire one for a whole day as it’s too costly. Hagimit and Batcave tour shouldn’t cost you more than Php200.00, to and from Penaplata.


Hagimit Falls has a Php30.00 entrance fee. There are resort management inside which requires you to pay Php100-300 per cottage. We just rented a table to place our things (Php50.00 ) which also gives us bathroom privileges).

Batcave is a place to visit should you wish to see hundreds of bats in one place. Entrance fee is at Php100 (day time) and Php 150-200 (nighttime). That’s it for the day.

Island Hopping


If you’re travelling as a group, you can save a lot on boat rental cost. One boat can charge you Php 2500 – 3000.00 for the whole journey. Get a habal from the hotel, but once you’ve got the boat, tell your habal to go home, and that you’ll just text him after the trip, or board another. Ours went with us for the whole trip and charged us Php1000.00. From the resort to Kaputian Drop-off, it’s Php 100.00 per pax. So you’d be able to save Php 800 if you just board another habal after. There are loads on the island,so don’t worry.

NOTE: Make sure you have food with you before you go on your adventure as there are nowhere to purchase food.

You island hopping escapade would be at Taklobo, Starfish, Isla Reta and back to Kaputian.

This alone would consume your day.

The alternative to renting a boat is to have your habal drop you at Kaputian Beach resort where you can board a large boat going to Kaputian (Php20.00). It can be a long wait though but then again Isla Reta is the best beach there is and there are loads of tourist in the island.

From Isla Reta you can board a boat again back to Kaputian (Php 50.00) or straight back to Davao (Php 70.00).

Hating someone on their birthday

Hey there World of WordPress,

It’s been such a long time since last I wrote, but right now I terribly need an outlet. I didn’t mean to be so mad, I didn’t mean to shout, but I couldn’t take it anymore.

I know it’s his birthday and I have no idea whether or not I did the right thing, but I just couldn’t shut up, at that very moment, I never hated him more. I felt ultimately betrayed. Having done so much for him, heck, everything for him, all I did was ask him for one favor, and he couldn’t even do it for me. I just asked him to put a word out and he won’t.

My mind went blank and all I could see was everything that he had done wrong. I couldn’t feel anything but hate at that very moment. It didn’t matter to me that it was his birthday, all that mattered was how betrayed I felt.

I cried and he left, and he kept on walking, and didn’t come back. Once the tears have settled down, I caught up with him and I said the worst things I could’ve said to him:

“I did everything for you to the point that I had to let go of every bit of my pride just to give you what you need ,etc. etc. I asked you for one thing and you couldn’t even do it for me. You’re so selfish and from now on I don’t want to love you anymore. I don’t care about you anymore. Go take care of your own life from now on.”

I expected the tears, the pain, the numbness, but I didn’t expect to feel like finally I could breathe. I got to say the words that I had almost choked upon. And then I ran.

I know I still love him, but what I don’t know is whether or not, I have the strength and will to actually go through what I said, or do I need to go back to him, apologize, and I seriously have no idea what to do…



Maginhawa Bytes: Fat Cousins

Living up to its slogan ‘Keep Calm and Soda all you can’, Maginhawa’s Fat Cousins offers unlimited refill with any meal purchase.  

  For rice meals, you only get three choices (1) Hungarian Sausage Php129 (2) Roast Beef Php 149 and (3) T Bone Steak Php 199. 

For this byte, we focus on their best seller, Roast Beef. 

What’s in the plate : Unlimited Roce, veggies and corn side dish, mushroom gravy and a tender medium rare roast beef. I almost forgot about the mashed potato. 

The Verdict: This dish will definitely make you keep coming back for more as it offers juicy, tender meat topped with that very awesome gravy. The meat is cooked to perfection to satisfy your carnivorous craving. It will surely throw out your diet down the drain as you can’t help but ask for more rice to enjoy the entree with. 

Maginhawa Bytes: Indonyaki

Located along Quezon City’s premiere food capital street, Maginhawa, is a small restaurant who goes by the name, Indonyaki that brings the wonderful flavors of Indonesia with every bite of their best selling dishes.


Must Try:  Ayam Goreng Combo (comes with soup and iced tea)
Price: Php105 (add’l 15Php for egg)
The Dish: The dish comes with your traditional fried chicken with the ever amazing butter crunchies (that’s what I like to call it) and fine grain fried rice with some vegetable bits and scrambled egg all over. This is by far is my favorite dish and the only thing I really order. Even after trying some other dishes, I always come back to this one.

There are two sauce where you can dip in the butter crunchies and the chicken, either the sambal or garlic sauce.



Where is my Prince?


One movie that I have recently watched said “It’s brave to ask what is, but it is actually braver to embrace what is”. I try to do the same thing, always, and over and over again, but I can never cross off the thought inside my head that keeps asking “Is this it? Is this all that I deserve?” I surely hope not.

Every day I keep on dreaming of a love that is stable enough to conquer life’s daily problems- of a partner who I can look up to and respect as an equal. I dream of a man who I can lean on to for emotional strength, and who can carry me in times of need. I dream of a man who will create visions of a lifelong future together with the realities in check. I dream of  a man ready to be a husband, someone I can proudly call my future child’s father.

Every day I keep on dreaming, and every day I slowly lose hope. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I … I want to believe that at the fork of the road, my prince will be there, to hold my hand as we cross and find the way to the place where dreams turn to realities, where happily ever after still exists.

Day 02: SG-MY Travel Tips

Universal Studios


Universal Studios opens at 10AM, and given the volume of people the visits the park, I highly recommend that you purchase the tickets online before your trip (74 SGD) so that you can directly proceed to the turnstile.

From Vivo City, you can actually wait for a free Resorts World Shuttle or ride on the skyrail (4SGD) to get to the theme park.

Instead of purchasing the Universal Express Ticket (70 SGD) which allows you to go first in every attraction line, if you aren’t so clingy with each other, you can join the single rider’s club and get to skip the lines. You get added to group that misses one more people in every ride.

Attractions that you must never miss are (in order of AWESOMENESS): Transformers, The Mummy, Spaghetti Space Chase, The Lost World and then there’s Shrek4D experience.

Lunch at Universal Studios costs (12.90 SGD).

Marina Bay Sands


Explore Singapore at night, if you have any energy left, and just soak in the beauty of the view. You can catch a Light and Sound Show for free every 9:30 pm. From the mall, you can also catch a glimpse of Gardens by the Bay at night.

Note: If you have extra cash, you can opt for Singapore Flyer which costs 44 SGD for tourist which gives you a 30-minute ride on Asia’s biggest Ferris wheel with the most breathtaking view of Singapore, in all its calm and glory.



Lunch: 12 SGD

Dinner: 20 SGD

Total: 32 SGD