A Whisper in the Wind

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Dear friends, forgive me for when I didn’t listen
When I’m with you but didn’t feel like I’m there
Sorry for dominating most of our conversations
For being a self-centered and selfish companion

Dear acquaintance, I would like to apologize
If I caused any annoyance to you at times
For talking in mid-air when you don’t care
For being naive and not noticing your stare

Dear colleagues, I hope that we can start over
Let me prove to you that I can be a listener
There’s more to me that you still don’t know
So please don’t give up, so please don’t go

Dear love, you’ve been so kind, too kind
Later I’ll ask you whatever’s on your mind
I’m scared that I might not be allowed to ask
So I just whisper my thoughts into the stars

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11 thoughts on “A Whisper in the Wind

  1. tismond says:

    Ooo, I gotta ask about the background behind writing this particular poem, I mean, what made you decide to write on the subject? I’m really interested, if you don’t mind sharing of course.

    • Joan Miranda says:

      Well, it was pointed out to me last night by a friend of mine that many people talk behind my back because they are annoyed at how i talk about myself too much. that person also told me that maybe my friends are too but they just don’t tell me up front. I didn’t mean to and I really am sorry…:(

      • tismond says:

        Oh, that’s tough to hear, but unfortunately that’s how people are. There are so many people who say things behind other people’s backs even if they don’t necessarily mean to do it. I think it’s just how we are as humans. I hope your friends and acquaintances read this poem though!

  2. Yoshiko says:

    It is great that you are trying to correct yourself. 😀
    Thank you for liking my poetry “Rattling Air-Conditioner”. 🙂

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