Waiting by the doorstep

Moonlight’s shining and still here waiting by the doorstep,
Recalling my decisions, regretting why I’ve ever left
My body’s trembling, my hands are shaking, I’ve never been this afraid
Do I still have a home inside this house that we once made?

I’ve broken your heart a thousand times and I’ve lost your trust
But I’m here with all I am, begging for one final chance
I hear your car approaching, the headlights blinding me,
Silently I’m praying that you’d still let us be

What have I done? How did we get here?
How do I make all the hurt disappear?
The tears in your eyes, let me wipe them away,
I’m gonna make things right so please let me stay.

I miss the taste of your lips placed against mine,
Darling dont you worry, everything will be just fine
Don’t be afraid anymore, no need to be scared of me
You’re my gravity and I’m here telling you I’m sorry

(C) Joan Miranda


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