Hey, I exist and I love you

Pretending not to care while I’m craving for your attention,
Trying not to say a word though I’m dying for a conversation
Every second that I try to stay away feels more like forever,
Though the sun is out, I keep hearing a roar of thunder

Your world might keep on spinning even if I’m not around,
But mine would crumble,you’re that someone I couldn’t live without
I long to see you smile, laugh out loud and just be crazy,
And if you have the time, why don’t you call me, maybe

Right now, there’s nothing in my head but what you said,
And the more I get to know you, the more I’m captivated
So come take my hand, allow me to make you fall for me
For I can see it, I know you can too, that we could be

If you would just give me a chance to get inside of you,
I’ll take care of your heart and I’ll always be true
So don’t be afraid and break down your walls,
I’ll be here to catch you, every time that you fall.

(C) Joan Miranda


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