Black and Red Love

Right now I’m confused as to where my heart belongs
Beside him I’m fragile but with you I’m strong,
He’s prince like and everything that I’ve ever wanted,
But you are dark knight and everything I needed

Seeing him is like seeing a fairy tale come to life,
And I find myself wishing that I could someday be his wife
What I feel for him is what they say only exists on stories,
Magical, enchanting, the kind of love that everybody fancies.

Yet when I’m with you, I feel safe and secure,
You came when I’m wounded and you became my cure
With you nothing is perfect but it is real,
You keep me from being floated off by what I feel.

Can you let me be selfish for a little more time?
For I still don’t know which path is mine
I cannot bear to lose one or the other,
As hard as it may be, I am both in love with them

(C) Joan Miranda


13 thoughts on “Black and Red Love

    • LilMissJoan says:

      I’m a fan of the book but not of the movie. I’m sorry if you like K. Stewart but she just killed the Bella I have in mind and after the first movie, I didn’t watched any of the rest. Love love love the book though, such a fan of book version Edward…

      This is inspired by the Vampire Diaries actually, Damon and Elena…
      and a little bit of my own situation…:)

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Yeah, I agree, I’m so glad it’s not all real…:)
      I just made it up watching vampire diaries…
      but I kind of used the two people in my life as inspiration for they are really different, although I’m not inlove with them, they make a good subject..:)

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