Before the Ink runs out

Teach me how to cry for I think I’ve forgotten how,
I feel emptiness, I feel pain, but no tears would come out now
Have I been so used to people telling me goodbye,
So now my eyes remain dry no matter how hard I try.

I miss the salty dewdrop trickling down my face,
Brought about by memories I can never erase,
I’m afraid I’d start forgetting how to feel,
That I’ll turn into a stone and my heart into a steel.

Before that happens won’t you please say a word,
Tell me how you think this story will unfold,
Will I be healed or is my fate sealed?
When will my destiny be revealed?

For the meantime, I’ll be staring at your picture,
Before everything else becomes unsure
Hoping for even a spark of inspiration,
Awaiting even just a brief conversation…

(C) Joan Miranda
*mixed poetry.


10 thoughts on “Before the Ink runs out

  1. Rad change says:

    I always love your poetry. You express yourself so completely, but I find myself wanting to ease your pain. Maybe that is also a compliment to how your poetry so deeply draws me into your world.

    • LilMissJoan says:

      Wow. That is one big compliment…:)
      Yes, I do express myself on my poem for it is only in writing that I get to be me without any worries. Thanks for wanting to ease my pain, the thought means a lot and yes you’ve made me feel a lot better

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