All I want is Time

As much as I tried, I couldn’t get the tears to stop from falling. I couldn’t get my heart to stop on breaking. I’ve been denying the fact for months now that it started catching up with me, and I couldn’t escape it anymore.
I hate to admit it but it is true, I haven’t been happy for some time now. It makes me feel guilty, feeling this way that is, when shouldn’t I be just contented with what he has to offer?
All those time we spend together are scrap of times that was left from doing errands, and even then he is easily frustrated or tired that going home seems to be the only option left. Sometimes even when we have the time, he would fall asleep and when he wakes he wants to go home.
Aside from the errands, it will be me that calls the shot. If I don’t, he will be in her company, the wicked girl I will never seem to like and he wouldn’t even bother asking. Sometimes I wish he isn’t that passive all the time. I am a girl, I long to feel like a girl, a girlfriend even, I don’t want to do all the chase.
I miss him so badly it hurts. I miss spending time with him. Time that he wanted to give me, time that is for us.


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