Tuxedo Mask


I found a poem that was written centuries ago and stored in my closet for safekeeping….

Holding on to the stray threads from the past,
I sit down to remember what couldn’t be and what never was
There is this gentleman who never cease to amaze me
Who is as charming and noble as any prince could be

He is a man of his words, always so prompt with time
And when he comes, his face is filled with a smile
Instantly my heart would go thump thump thump
Is this still a crush or am I falling in love

Those black eyes of his invites me to see down his soul
So mesmerizing, intoxicating and my sweetest downfall
Yet his heart will never be mine to hold or keep
This is my punishment, this is fate’s cruel trick

I’ve thrown my world for a moment of a sweet escape
Now I keep on being haunted, salvation is too late
It is only in dreams that our lips will ever touch
For in reality, even a glance deemed far too much


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