Ace of Love

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When I’m awake, I am certain of how much I love him. I know for sure that I want to create a future with the person who holds my hand whenever we walk side by side. Yet every time I close my eyes, fragments of the prince’s memories continue to haunt me. It is his lips that I taste when I am at slumber, his heart that I desire.
I would often find myself filled with guilt and with pain. It is now impossible to turn the clock and redo everything, to have wished for more than what I had before. More so, it is wrong for me to even entertain the thought.
I remember the way his lips would slowly curl up into a smile while his stare pierces to my soul. It was as if my heart had strings on them and unknowingly, he holds them, moves them like a puppeteer. I could never turn away from his call, cannot not respond. His voice, the chimes I hear when he say my name, they are the sound I know I would respond to, even in death.
There are some love that are irrevocable and irreplaceable the kind of love that remains no matter how many others come forth. It is the kind of love that need not be reciprocated yet whose hold is entirely magnetic. A love that is never mine to have, yet I hold deeply in my heart.


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