Day 01: SG-MY Travel Tips

The Tourist Pass


Upon landing at Changi International Airport, provided that you arrive before 9pm before ticket counter closes, I recommend that you purchase the Singapore Tourist Pass card  for 30SGD (10 SGD refundable upon card return) which can be used for unlimited bus and train rides for three days.

This card can also be purchased at any train station in Singapore.

Day 01 Itinerary

Our first stop in Singapore is Chinatown, the land of awesome souvenirs and majestic temples filled with different culture.


Here are some places to check out in Chinatown:

Budda Tooth Relic Museum


What to Expect: First off, you have to be in proper clothing before you enter as it is first and foremost, a temple. They have sarongs and wraps available for borrowing at the temple’s entrance.

The first floor is filled with a hundreds of buddhas, with the eye catching ones representing your chinese animal deity.

The second to the rooftop contains galleries and observatories still filled with more buddhas and other deities. You must be mindful of the people who are meditating in the temple, as to not disturb their peace.

Admission: Free

Red Dot Museum


What to Expect: If you love art, then this is the place to be. Red Dot Museum is Singapore’s premier design museum that is sure to inspire and indulge your sense of sight. It presents the latest trends in international design with over 1000 pieces.

Admission: Free

URA Singapore City Gallery


What to Expect:  Just opposite Red Dot Museum is one of Singapore’s finest attraction that will really teach you everything you need to learn about Singapore through photographs, exhibitions, films, and modern technology. The place features the vision of Singapore and by the end of your visit, you will surely be one with them, aspiring Singapore to reach its full potential.

Admission: Free


The visit to these places alone would already occupy your whole day, but you can still visit some temples around the places and the food and souvenir stalls.  If you start your first day on a Sunday, you can visit Esplanade at night for a free concert.


Travel Fare…. 0 SGD (charged to Tourist Pass)

Breakfast… Free (c/o Hostel)

Lunch at Hawker: 12 SGD

Dinner: 15 SGD

Total: 27SGD


(PRE-TRIP) Singapore Malaysia Backpacking Tips

Being a fan of early flight bookings and promo fares, I always book a trip at least six month earlier. It provides me of not only time to prepare for my trip, but also time to save up as well.

When I decided to go for Singapore, I hadn’t the faintest clue as to where to go except the ever-famous Universal Studios, but then again, I had nine months to think about it, and all I went for are those free admission sites and attractions.

For those planning their own Singapore-Malaysia adventure, I have here my Singapore-Malaysia 2015 Travel Kit filled with tips and tricks and budget as well to help guide you  in an awesome yet thrifty adventure. The rule to remember is that we travel to experience another country’s culture, not really to splurge on shopping or stay on a grand hotel. Get out, meet locals, visit their heritage and have loads of fun.

Things to Bring

things to bring

Book a Place to Stay

If you want cheap and easily accessible accommodation, I recommend going to Cozy Corner Guesthouse (located in Bugis, just opposite the grand Intercontinental Hotel). You can book a room at for as low as 20SGD per night (quad room sharing).

It’s nothing fancy, it is really just a place to rest your tired body. You need to pay for the towel for 1SGD  and the place doesn’t have any pillows or blankets as well.



For the whole trip including fare, food, pasalubong et al, I recommend that you save up Php 15,000.00.

Here are some pre-trip expenses that you would need to purchase and prepare for:

Manila to SG via Kuala Lumpur Airfare : Php 2570.00

Kuala Lumpur to Manila Airfare: Php 1750.00

Terminal Fee: Php 550.00

Philippine Travel Tax; Php 1620.00

Total Amount: Php 6490.00



Get Ready to Party at Sole Academy’s Sneaker Carnival


Bring your best shoes forward as we begin the countdown to one of the edgiest and most creative party in the Metro, Sole Academy’s Sneaker Carnival. Happening on the 29th of November 2015 at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds from 12nn until 2 in the morning of the following day.


This jam-packed event will feature more than 20 exciting special and exclusive sneaker releases in a very edgy fashion show showcasing street-inspired outfits styled by STYLEBIBLE.PH.

Aside from that, be prepared to learn more about sneakers aside from how to wear them as the event would be holding a series of informative forums covering Sneaker care, Sneaker and Fashion Styling, Sneaker customization, Sneaker Safekeeping and loads more.


If that’s not enough, there will also be a dance-off competition among the best dance crews in Metro Manila, that is sure to have your sneakers pumping already to party.


Interested parties can purchase their tickets via SM Tickets. You can choose between the General Admission and VIP Ticket. GA Tickets costs Php650 which entitles the user to a loot bag and vinyl sole academy sticker and samples from sponsors. For Php1150, the VIP ticket entitles you to a loot bag, sticker, free drink, access to air-conditioned portlets and product samples from sponsors.

Have a sneaker fun party with Sole Acadmey. For more information, you may visit

See you there!


Someone I love thought that I didn’t like the movie Oldboy because of my moral standards. He thought I found the part of the father having sex with his entire family as immoral, and wouldn’t hear whatever thing I was gonna say because he love that movie. He was right that I find it immoral but he didn’t allow me to say that it’s more than that to me, it’s more personal. 

I was a victim of child molestation by three different guys on separate occassions and watching that movie with a child being molested is not something I find entertaining. It relived in me the horrors of my past. Suddenly I was that little child again, afraid and clinging on to whatever piece of hope, praying to Him to please save me. 

I can’t get the fear out of my head and I have never felt so alone. I had no one to talk to. Thus, I called on to In Touch crisis hotline, after hearing they cater depression cases. I couldn’t talk to my friends as they might see me differently, the one person that knows my horrible past shut me down before I could open up. It took a long time before someone answered and just as I was losing hope, a voice came in the other line. 

He just let me talk and ask simple ordinary life questions. Not much of counseling but the part that there was someone there on the other line meant the world to me. Him just being there, listening, empathizing made me feel lighter. He saved me from that fear, even if just for tonight.  

Always take the call, that’s what I learn. Whether important or not, you will never know until you do. A friend or family member might be depressed and in need of your ears. Take the call and you might just save someone’s life.  

Choose Your Bottle and Fight off Stress with Sosro Fruit Tea

Whether its the seemingly endless traffic, your horrendous boss, your heartbreaking almost love story, or a dreaded final exam, the effect is just the same, especially for millennials,- a bucket filled with stress. Worry not though because Sosro has got you covered with their juiciest solution to get you chilling – SOSRO FRUIT TEA.

Sosro Fruit Tea comes in an array of interesting flavors to give you that tea refreshing kick to help you cool down before we get too heated and drained. Adopting the millennial-apt-adage “Choose your battles”, Sosro Fruit Tea allows you to #ChooseYourBottle from tea-infused flavors apple, guava, and strawberry.

With our society being so fast-paced, Sosro  Fruit Tea helps us to de-stress quickly with just a few gulps of its invigorating flavor. It keeps you healthy and happy and prepared to face whatever battle is coming your way.

De-stress now and #ChooseYourBottle of Sosro Fruit Tea at SM Hypermarkets, Landmark, Sta. Lucia Grocery, Tropical Hut, Hi-Top Supermarket, Walter Mart, Pioneer Center, and other leading supermarkets.

For more information, visit and follow Sosro Fruit Tea on Facebook at <>, and on Twitter and Instagram <@sosrofruittea>.



Mark your calendars as the zombies of the Walking Dead joins us in November 7. FOX International Channels and Victoria Court partner up with Breakout Philippines for an immersive horror escape room experience. Excited already?

Taking it up a notch from merely just trying to escape, this time the players need to also survive. #VParty Series: Midnight Mysteries will trap you and your friend into forty-five minutes with scare-actors dressed as zombies. They will be coming and going as they please, making you shrill or happy. Some may be nice enough to lend a helping hand and give you a clue while others, well.. you know what zombies do to people. Be prepared for some personal invasion as they may drag you away from your friends and leave you in total darkness.

Don’t forget that this is still breakout so there are loads of puzzle still to solve. You can choose from these 5 thematic rooms of Victoria Court Malate that will each give you a unique scenario:

  1. Asgard Room
  2. Casino Royale
  3. Bat Cave Room
  4. Candy Land Room
  5. The Marrakesh (Sex in the City) Room

Don’t worry if things get too scary as you can always use the safe word “I Want my mommy” but that might lead you to forfeit a clue.

Find out if you have what it takes by registering through these payment channels, online bank deposit, or in-store registration in any Victoria Court Branch. Visit for more details.

If that’s not enough, Breakout Philippines partners with FOX Walking Dead Rooms in both its Trinoma and Katipunan Branches. Try to escape as the zombies breathe down your necks and send shivers to your skin.

For more updates, please follow Breakout Philippines on Facebook ( and Instagram (@BreakoutPH), and Victoria Court on Facebook ( and Instagram (@victoriacourtVC).

Dating Someone You Don’t See Yourself Falling For

No matter how broken or damaged you think of yourself, it still gives you no right to play with someone’s heart.


My rule
in dating is to never go beyond four or five dates with a person you do not see yourself falling for. It would create a false impression, and you would be leading someone to a pit of sorrow and failed hope. Try putting yourself on his shoes, and imagine what would you feel, after being led for so long, your money, time and heart invested so much only to learn that you are nothing more than a useful tool at time for the person you care deeply about.

If the person is very much in love with you and find it hard to let go, then at least have a heart and set him free. You are the stronger person in the situation and you need to act right. Stop giving yourself any excuse for doing so, for no matter how you look at the situation, what you are doing to both him and yourself is just not right.

You don’t love him and you know you never will. Why don’t you just end his misery and let him move on, so that one day, when he is over you, he could have a fair chance at a happy ever after.

For Time

Dear Time,

As I struggle to write down these words that will never truly comprehend how I feel right at this very moment, I hope you find it in your heart to help me heal.

Please fly so fast I wouldn’t notice just how much of you have passed. Every second that I spend idle and alone makes me feel like there’s this wretched hole inside my heart just eating me up and breaking every fiber of my sanity. I keep on watching the clock and yet waiting for a minute feels like waiting for an hour. You are just too long and damn hurtful. -Even breathing is literally painful.

My Take on Heneral Luna and of our History


Ever since the movie ‘Heneral Luna’ hit the theatres, I have heard nothing but praises and pledges to watch the movie so that it’s showing would not be cancelled. After a week, I decided to judge the movie for myself.

At the beginning of the movie, I was surprised to see so many faces of comedians who I never thought to see on a film about Philippine History. It kind of made me hard to take them acting seriously at first but then they pulled me through. The acting at first for me was exaggerated, sort of much more suited in a theater than film but even that faded away as I grew more and more engrossed with the story. As the movie progresses, I became an observer of injustice and shrewd politics that we Filipinos have been trying and yet continuously failing to cease.

I could hear the comments of the people behind me who had nothing but harsh words to say to the then president Emilio Aguinaldo who, scared of being overthrown, followed the ill advise of men who used him to gain profit for their personal ventures, and killed off two of the most lauded heroes of our country, Andres Bonifacio and Gen. Antonio Luna.

It was already hard to swallow how Filipinos were being killed just because Americans then wanted to rule over us. Whether it be women or men, child or elderly, they had no respect for human life. We were then nothing but a prize for them to claim.The worst thing though was the portrayal of Filpinos who regard their pride and selfishness higher than their love for their own country. They are even willing to kill off a fellow Filipino if it would benefit their personal need.

Here are facts that were not taught to us in elementary school, some horrid truth that were kept hidden until we reach tertiary education, for how can we explain to a child who looks up to the heroes in their textbooks, that they are also behind the death of some of their own.

Heneral Luna showed us a picture of the Filipino-Spanish war, but more importantly of how we Filipino dealt with the situation. It didn’t focus on the war per se, but more on how politics perform at the time. It was a comedy, a tragedy, a mixture of real life and the imaginary, the story of Heneral Luna, the story of our history.

Pinto Art Museum


Pinto Art Museum is filled with paintings that will feast your eyes to your artistic heart’s delight

You don’t need to go far to have that sweet relaxing escape that you very much deserve. Simply head on to Pinto Art Museum in Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City where you can enjoy the beauty and mystique of art works from many great artists while in the midst of an enchanting view of nature.

Pinto Art Museum offers a place of sanctuary for those who want to escape the ever busy city life. You only need to pay Php150 entrance fee and you get to enjoy all of their wonderful facilities plus there are plenty of beds to just lie on to and relax as you look into paintings or as you wait for your food to be served.

The stars above my head

Feeling free and relax with the sun above my head

Here are some snapshots of my day, from statues, to paintings, to photographs and more. This place is guaranteed to make your day.


Even the outside has artistic touch


Why so grouchy?


Are they ghosts? Spirits? Nah, just some really awesome light photography

I am an angel and these are my wings

This chair turned me into an angel

Someone wants to come out of that shell

Someone wants to come out of that shell

Meet my friend Zuma

Meet my friend Zuma

Bonus: The restaurants inside offers good food, good music in a very reasonable price. You get to choose from pasta, pasty, rice meals that will surely make you forget your name.