Maginhawa Bytes: Fat Cousins

Living up to its slogan ‘Keep Calm and Soda all you can’, Maginhawa’s Fat Cousins offers unlimited refill with any meal purchase.  

  For rice meals, you only get three choices (1) Hungarian Sausage Php129 (2) Roast Beef Php 149 and (3) T Bone Steak Php 199. 

For this byte, we focus on their best seller, Roast Beef. 

What’s in the plate : Unlimited Roce, veggies and corn side dish, mushroom gravy and a tender medium rare roast beef. I almost forgot about the mashed potato. 

The Verdict: This dish will definitely make you keep coming back for more as it offers juicy, tender meat topped with that very awesome gravy. The meat is cooked to perfection to satisfy your carnivorous craving. It will surely throw out your diet down the drain as you can’t help but ask for more rice to enjoy the entree with. 


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