(PRE-TRIP) Singapore Malaysia Backpacking Tips

Being a fan of early flight bookings and promo fares, I always book a trip at least six month earlier. It provides me of not only time to prepare for my trip, but also time to save up as well.

When I decided to go for Singapore, I hadn’t the faintest clue as to where to go except the ever-famous Universal Studios, but then again, I had nine months to think about it, and all I went for are those free admission sites and attractions.

For those planning their own Singapore-Malaysia adventure, I have here my Singapore-Malaysia 2015 Travel Kit filled with tips and tricks and budget as well to help guide you  in an awesome yet thrifty adventure. The rule to remember is that we travel to experience another country’s culture, not really to splurge on shopping or stay on a grand hotel. Get out, meet locals, visit their heritage and have loads of fun.

Things to Bring

things to bring

Book a Place to Stay

If you want cheap and easily accessible accommodation, I recommend going to Cozy Corner Guesthouse (located in Bugis, just opposite the grand Intercontinental Hotel). You can book a room at www.cozycornerguest.com for as low as 20SGD per night (quad room sharing).

It’s nothing fancy, it is really just a place to rest your tired body. You need to pay for the towel for 1SGD  and the place doesn’t have any pillows or blankets as well.



For the whole trip including fare, food, pasalubong et al, I recommend that you save up Php 15,000.00.

Here are some pre-trip expenses that you would need to purchase and prepare for:

Manila to SG via Kuala Lumpur Airfare : Php 2570.00

Kuala Lumpur to Manila Airfare: Php 1750.00

Terminal Fee: Php 550.00

Philippine Travel Tax; Php 1620.00

Total Amount: Php 6490.00




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