Day 01: SG-MY Travel Tips

The Tourist Pass


Upon landing at Changi International Airport, provided that you arrive before 9pm before ticket counter closes, I recommend that you purchase the Singapore Tourist Pass card  for 30SGD (10 SGD refundable upon card return) which can be used for unlimited bus and train rides for three days.

This card can also be purchased at any train station in Singapore.

Day 01 Itinerary

Our first stop in Singapore is Chinatown, the land of awesome souvenirs and majestic temples filled with different culture.


Here are some places to check out in Chinatown:

Budda Tooth Relic Museum


What to Expect: First off, you have to be in proper clothing before you enter as it is first and foremost, a temple. They have sarongs and wraps available for borrowing at the temple’s entrance.

The first floor is filled with a hundreds of buddhas, with the eye catching ones representing your chinese animal deity.

The second to the rooftop contains galleries and observatories still filled with more buddhas and other deities. You must be mindful of the people who are meditating in the temple, as to not disturb their peace.

Admission: Free

Red Dot Museum


What to Expect: If you love art, then this is the place to be. Red Dot Museum is Singapore’s premier design museum that is sure to inspire and indulge your sense of sight. It presents the latest trends in international design with over 1000 pieces.

Admission: Free

URA Singapore City Gallery


What to Expect:  Just opposite Red Dot Museum is one of Singapore’s finest attraction that will really teach you everything you need to learn about Singapore through photographs, exhibitions, films, and modern technology. The place features the vision of Singapore and by the end of your visit, you will surely be one with them, aspiring Singapore to reach its full potential.

Admission: Free


The visit to these places alone would already occupy your whole day, but you can still visit some temples around the places and the food and souvenir stalls.  If you start your first day on a Sunday, you can visit Esplanade at night for a free concert.


Travel Fare…. 0 SGD (charged to Tourist Pass)

Breakfast… Free (c/o Hostel)

Lunch at Hawker: 12 SGD

Dinner: 15 SGD

Total: 27SGD


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