Choose Your Bottle and Fight off Stress with Sosro Fruit Tea

Whether its the seemingly endless traffic, your horrendous boss, your heartbreaking almost love story, or a dreaded final exam, the effect is just the same, especially for millennials,- a bucket filled with stress. Worry not though because Sosro has got you covered with their juiciest solution to get you chilling – SOSRO FRUIT TEA.

Sosro Fruit Tea comes in an array of interesting flavors to give you that tea refreshing kick to help you cool down before we get too heated and drained. Adopting the millennial-apt-adage “Choose your battles”, Sosro Fruit Tea allows you to #ChooseYourBottle from tea-infused flavors apple, guava, and strawberry.

With our society being so fast-paced, Sosro  Fruit Tea helps us to de-stress quickly with just a few gulps of its invigorating flavor. It keeps you healthy and happy and prepared to face whatever battle is coming your way.

De-stress now and #ChooseYourBottle of Sosro Fruit Tea at SM Hypermarkets, Landmark, Sta. Lucia Grocery, Tropical Hut, Hi-Top Supermarket, Walter Mart, Pioneer Center, and other leading supermarkets.

For more information, visit and follow Sosro Fruit Tea on Facebook at <>, and on Twitter and Instagram <@sosrofruittea>.


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