Pinto Art Museum


Pinto Art Museum is filled with paintings that will feast your eyes to your artistic heart’s delight

You don’t need to go far to have that sweet relaxing escape that you very much deserve. Simply head on to Pinto Art Museum in Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City where you can enjoy the beauty and mystique of art works from many great artists while in the midst of an enchanting view of nature.

Pinto Art Museum offers a place of sanctuary for those who want to escape the ever busy city life. You only need to pay Php150 entrance fee and you get to enjoy all of their wonderful facilities plus there are plenty of beds to just lie on to and relax as you look into paintings or as you wait for your food to be served.

The stars above my head

Feeling free and relax with the sun above my head

Here are some snapshots of my day, from statues, to paintings, to photographs and more. This place is guaranteed to make your day.


Even the outside has artistic touch


Why so grouchy?


Are they ghosts? Spirits? Nah, just some really awesome light photography

I am an angel and these are my wings

This chair turned me into an angel

Someone wants to come out of that shell

Someone wants to come out of that shell

Meet my friend Zuma

Meet my friend Zuma

Bonus: The restaurants inside offers good food, good music in a very reasonable price. You get to choose from pasta, pasty, rice meals that will surely make you forget your name.


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