Pico De Loro Day Hike

Instead of strolling down the mall on a weekend, why not get out of your comfort zone and experience the outdoors the way that you are really supposed to. Get a view that it is even better than HD, see it live, and get some fresh air. 

One of the places that you can visit is Mt. Pico de Loro in Cavite, just a mere two hour drive from Metro Manila. 


 Grab your hiking shoes and make sure not to wear white. Make sure to bring lots of water because this could really dry out your throat and the bottled water sold on the top costs like gold.  This mountain hike will let you feel like Spiderman as you literally have to crawl to get on the peak. It takes about two to three hours to get there but that is not the end of it. After a quick rest, you should really try going up the monolith. 
Yep, you have to do a little bit of rock climbing to get to the monolith, it’s less than a minute climb and very much worth being amidst the clouds.  Yup, there we are on top of that giant rock, screaming and laughing and having the best time. 

I’m ready to go on another adventure, how about you?



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