Enjoying Sandbox by Alviera


Situated in the heart of Porac, Pampanga is the relatively new and one of the most popular tourists stops in Pampanga, Sandbox by Alviera. Having a thirst for adventure, we gave it a try. We had a blast and had noted some tips on how other enthusiasts like us can make the most of their trip.

Here’s some tips on how to get the most out of your Sandbox by Alviera adventure.

1. Going There
If you are coming from Metro Manila, you can ride a bus going to Dau (fare est. Php150.00). After getting off at the bus terminal, ride a jeep going to Angeles (Php 10.00), then take another jeepney going straight to Sandbox (depending on how many you are, the fare gets lesser as one trip is equal to Php500.00, you can also wait for other passengers who is willing to divide the costs with you, we paid Php 70 per person). You can even ask the driver to come back for you at a certain time.

2 Shopping for Food.
Sandbox is a deserted adventure park with not much food carts nor restaurants, so I suggest you bring food with you. You either buy from the cheap yet almost always running out of stock store, or the super expensive one. I also highly recommend bringing loads of water with you as the place scorch like the desert.

3.Buying your Tickets
Unless you enjoy mini-golf and a second free-fall, I suggest you buy Package B instead as the mentioned add-ons aren’t much to be missed. Also, if you happen to be a member of the Ayala Group of Companies, bring your ID with you to get 20% discount.


4. Your Itinerary
Try out the Aerial Walk first as not only does it have the lengthiest line, it takes the longest time to complete, approximately one hour. It gives you a taste of almost every attraction in Sandbox. Just be careful, and hopefully, you are wearing tights to protect your legs from scratches. After that, you can go for the Giant Swing which is only scary on the first swing and then the joy keeps going and going until it stops. You can pretty much try out everything else after in whatever order pleases you.


We had our turn and now it’s yours, visit Sandbox by Alviera and get your taste of outdoor adventure.


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