To the One Who Let Him Go

Dear You,

Once upon a time, I’ve been you. I am indeed in love with the person I was with but just couldn’t shake the feelings I had for that person that could’ve been. I couldn’t keep myself from reaching out to him. I tried to engage using objects and topics I know he is most passionate about. It wasn’t flirting, I was just being friendly was my defense, but deep down inside, your feelings are seeping through, for those tiny little conversations elate you. They make you feel so tingly and excited every time a message comes in.

Sometimes you still dream about him at night. Sometimes he visit you in your dreams. Sometimes you imagine those days with him, for they make you smile and you just can’t let go. You cling on to yesterday, with the tiniest bit of yourself still hoping, that in the event that this relationship you hold on to falls through, you can still go back to him.

Well, it’s time for you to wake up and give up. He is never going to be with you again. That and the fact that I’m here now, it’s my turn and you have to let go.


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