Locavore: Going beyond your native dishes

Located in the heart of Pasig City is Locavore, one of the most lined upon restaurants in the metro. Reservations get full as far as three weeks back. With all the buzz the place is getting, I was curious enough to find out just exactly what makes this place as awesome as it sounds. 

First on the table is a street platter.  Yes, you guessed it, filled with our favorite after school treats- fishball, kikiam, tokneneng and squid ball. You also get three kinds of sauce to choose from, vinegar, sweet sauce, and the spicy one. Aside from this, they also serve the very delicious and crunchy singkamas and mangga with alamang dip. 

Being a country abundant with the riches of the sea, they brough to the plate sizzling oyster, which tastes like summer in your mouth. This dish already had me solved but there is more yet to entice my curious tongue even more.

There is just three words needed to describe this dish-BONELESS. LECHON. BELLY. As many would put it, this is one dish to die for, a taste of heaven in every bite. 

Another favorite of mine is this sugpo basked in ginataang kalabas. To be honest I an not a fan of vegetables but then I just couldnt resist how perfect the squash taste. It melted in my mouth like Christmas in July.  Oh yeah, there was lechon on it too.  

This is not your ordinary sizzler. This is sizzling sinigang with beef oozing of flavor. The veggies are crunchy and draped over this mushroom gravy that makes it utterly delicious. 

 A lot more dishes are available and would fit right into your alley. Go ahead and give this restaurant a try. Trust me. It is definitely worth the wait and the cents. 



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