Pinac Restaurant: Bringing a Taste of Pampanga in the Metro

Located at the second floor of the UP Town Center along Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City is Pinac, a Kapampangan Cuisine restaurant whose dishes deserves more than a five star rating. Aside from the homey ambiance the place offers, every platter they serve also brings a piece of the owner’s hometown to the curious taste buds of every guest.

To be honest, I am not really adventurous when it comes to trying out new dishes. I don’t even really eat vegetables, but every platter brought forth to our table had this inviting aroma that even I couldn’t refuse. So I started with a nibble, and then the flavors just burst inside my mouth that I couldn’t stop myself from taking another bite, until I was really gobbling it all down.


First on the menu, we have a platter full of appetizers. On the plate are hito balls, lumpiang sariwa, sisig, pita with pimiento dipping, and calamares. Each of them was really mouth-watering but calamares was my favorite. The outside is really crunchy and inside was a delectable squid perfectly steamed and deep-fried. The sisig was also kicking with spiciness in just the right amount, that would make you want to order a huge plate of rice to eat it with.

Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon sa Miso

Next we have the perfectly flavored Sinigang na Panga ng Salmon sa Miso. The fish was perfectly pink and tender and cooked into perfection. It’s so soft that it feels like its melting inside your mouth.


Not really a fan of veggies, but the kare-kare served in our table was too aromatic and appetizing that I just have to dive in. The large bowl is not even enough to satisfy my craving. My head is screaming MORE.. but then I remember there's still one more dish I have to try.

Cripsy Pata

It’s time for the star of the table, Filipinos’ favorite guilty pleasure- Crispy Pata. Now, this dish taste just like heaven had come down and made its way into your mouth with every bite. It’s really crunchy on the outside, and enough to satisfy your visit there, but the soft and tender meat inside made it even more wonderful.

There are many more delectable dishes in Pinac that will make you come back for more. I look forward to my next visit and to the other amazing dishes I am yet to experience.


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