The Business of Falling in Love


A relationship is comparable to a business. The first step is investing but instead of money, you invest yourself, your time and your heart. You need to work for it so you don’t lose it and to keep it a happy place, you need to love what you do, which in this case is, you need to love BEING in a relationship.

Just like a workplace, there are areas of a relationship that can stress you out, that can make you tired and sometimes want to quit. During these time, you must remind yourself of why you’re there and if that reason still exists then let it hold you in place.

You and your significant other becomes each other’s boss. Whether you notice it or not, you will find yourself asking for permission for the things you plan to do, even if you were doing it already even before you met that person. It’s because you don’t want to step out of line. In a workplace, your boss would probably give you suspension, a scolding, a warning or even fire you. In this case, you’d probably end up in a heated argument, a silent treatment or a break-up.

Falling in love is easy but being in one isn’t always a breeze. Sometimes it tend to be frustrating, tiring but you have to pick someone who makes all of it worth it. Invest on someone you know you’ll never get tired of working for, someone who will invest just as much as you do. Look for a partner and not an employee.


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