Art in the City

This right here is another installment of our Every Other Weekend Adventure (quite a late post though). Sometimes, you don’t need to have plenty of money in your pocket to be able to visit new places and experience something new. There are many spots in the city that will not only entertain you but educate you as well with just a few bucks.

First Stop: The Museum Manila
Located just along Roxas Blvd., Pasay City, The Museum Manila takes it visitors to a trip down to China, Egypt, and even back in time to the Renaissance Period and Ancient Greece. We bought our tickets at Metrodeal so instead of the original price of Php450.00, we only paid Php 150 each.


This museum is more suited for children rather than adults in my opinion. The text used to describe each artificial artifact on display are very elementary. They even have a cheerful tour guide that will help explain the things you don’t understand or need to know about. You can actually touch the display, play with them and use them for posing. Aside from that, you get to have a photographer that will take your photos over various spots in the museum which you can purchase later on before you get out of the museum.


The best part of the museum is the Da Vinci section which features various inventions of the great Leonardo Da Vinci which you can try for yourselves (not the cannon and the scuba suit though). It takes about one hour to tour the entire museum including the time for the reading and picture taking. If you have a little kid, they are sure to love this place.

Next Stop: Joyous Trick Art Museum

Who doesn’t want to have fun and take pictures at the same time? Before we go home, we stopped by Joyous Trick Art Museum where we had loads of fun taking pictures of us in,various 3D paintings. It felt nice to be a child and play pretend. It costs Php 99 at the time in Metrodeal but regular rate is at Php200.00. It’s conveniently located at SM North Edsa complex making it a great after shopping destination.

You have to remove your shoes though before going in. This is done to maintain the cleanliness of the artworks. Aside from the 3d artworks, they also have fun puzzles and quizzes that will have your mind.

That is it for now. Until our next city adventure!


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