To Mr. Pepper

Dear Mr. Pepper, are you really that blind
In this place, loyalty you shall never find
For you do not trust us nor respect our opinions
Yet you blame us for all your wrong decisions

You call yourself a leader when you don’t know how to lead
You give us false hopes and have us every time deceived
You sacrificed the others for the sake of your chosen one
Who isn’t so deserving and could barely get anything done

Dear Mr. Pepper, wake up before you find this place empty
We’ll be leaving soon and maybe then you shall start to see
Your mere presence makes us all jumpy and stressed
We’re unmotivated and could barely perform out best

It’s never too late to say sorry and to change
Swallow your pride and please start to behave
We do not want war, what we want is peace
Maybe then, our feelings will be at ease


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