Knowing when to Break-up

There are relationships in our life that we cannot get away from. We can choose to turn our back from our parents, siblings, and relatives, but in the end, they are still your family. For two people in love and not married, the relationship can be ended even by a simple argument. No matter how much they love each other, a fight is inevitable, whether it’s whose turn it is to choose a movie to something as huge as a third party. If two people truly love one another, they’d do everything in their power to make the relationship work. When the fights get too often, and the tears were shed too much, how do the couple then decide when is it time to let go and when to hold on and keep fighting?

My romantic relationship is nowhere near perfect. We have petty fights and big ones, and a number of almost break-ups. We love each other and we do not mean to hurt one another but at times we do. Sometimes it’s our choice of words, our actions and even just the plain thoughts in our heads. There are times that we get to the verge of ending it all but we never reached that line. More than the fact that we love each other, it is because despite the anger and the tears, we find it in our hearts to listen, admit our fault, forgive and move forward.

It is not easy for me to forget pain and every little detail that led to it happening. I am guilty of bringing so many things up that we both talked has passed. Still, I try because it is only then that I can truly move forward with the one I love.

Before you rush to words you might regret later, then take three deep breaths. It makes you calm down and then you can think better. All sins are forgivable but stay only if you can continue a relationship after it. Stay only if it would not sway your love or lessen it. Stay only if you can still trust the person in the same way you did before.

Keep fighting if it is worth fighting for. Your heart and mind can be a great counsel. Seek their advice equally and then you’ll know the answer.


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