Hanging out with Marine Life: Manila Ocean Park Adventure

Manila Ocean Park is a place for both young and old. It brings out that little child in every adult that can’t help but get fascinated with the beauty of marine life.
Two weeks before the actual trip, we have busied ourselves with organizing schedules on how we can fit all the attractions in a single day. The shows only run on specific times and we have to make the most of everything. One thing is for sure though, we were excited.
As the date approaches, we become more and more stressed with our plans, only to find out our efforts are useless. When we fall in line, (well we started the line), the ticket counter has already set a schedule for the shows which pretty much ruined what we have planned. Thankfully though, there’s this nice lady from the information desk that help us out with our schedule.

First stop: Jellies Exhibit



I have never seen any animal that can move as graceful as they do. Thanks to the beautiful lighting and the wonderful choice of background music, it feels as if these jellies are dancing to the tune. They are very translucent and even though there weren’t so many, we could’ve just sat there for hours and ogle.

Second stop: Birds of Prey
We were able to get inside although not supposed to because it was supposed to be for those who scheduled, either way, we were in. It was only about three rooms tops combined and all I could really see were eagles and nothing more. Within five minutes we were done looking and went back outside to wait for the Sea Lion Show.

Third Stop: Sea Lion Show
The show is fun and really entertaining. I do not have any clue as to how they were able to train them but the seals were really funny and witty and smart. The show lasted for about half an hour and all I could do is hope for more.

Fourth Stop: The Penguin Talk Show
My companion likes this attraction the least. Well, I guess this will be the last one on mine too. It’s kind of corny and not really that great. Why we even rushed to fall in line at once seems useless. There weren’t many people inside and it’s just a man doing a voice-over to a penguin so it seems like it is interacting with us. I also hate the graphics.No pictures for this one.

Fifth Stop: All Star Bird Show
This isn’t as fun as the sea lion show but it was okay nonetheless. The birds did some math and flew all over the stadium. There were some ooohs and aaahs but again the sea lion show is so much better.

Sixth Stop: Shark and Rays Dry Encounter
This attraction is not that exciting, also since it is a dry encounter. We just got to dip our hands at the water and touch the back of the rays. It was over within seconds. What actually took a long time is how we had to wait before the guy with the camera gets to take our picture. We thought it was free but then we had to pay Php150.00 for a printed copy.

Seventh Stop: Oceanarium
This is the famous attraction of Manila Ocean Park where they have a large aquarium that you can view from below. Boy, was it filled with marine life. There were mini tanks with different species, and then there was the large one that has almost all of them. It is very crowded inside and we really thought the large aquarium would be longer than it actually is. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Eight Stop: Snow Village
This is the coldest part of the place with fake snow and well there is already ice (not fake snow) on the floor. It was really small, about one tenth the size of snow wold of Star City. In about eight minutes, we were already out the door.

Ninth Stop: Trip to Antartica
Last but not the least, it was time to have fun with the penguins. It was cold, of course and then we get to see penguins play over a small aquarium looking place. We also did not get to experience the slide o fun due to maintenance.

Last Stop: Musical Fountain Show
This attraction is really worth seeing. As the light goes out and the music starts to play, we were enchanted by the magnificent display of lights and projection of wildlife creatures entertaining us all. There is even some dance numbers from the staff of the show. What makes it special is that it is projected on water itself. Simply spectacular.

And that concludes our trip…


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