Let His Will be Done

I can’t remember a time when I had only one job. Ever since college, I’ve been juggling three to four jobs at a time while studying just to help my parents with the expenses. I kept thinking that when I finallly graduate, things would be different. I thought I would have rest times and that I would only need one job. I was wrong, here I am still juggling as much job as I can in a week because the pay is never enough. The older I get, the more bills to pay.
Physicall, I’m tired but I struggle to keep working to have a little luxury and give my parents as much as I can which sometimes still ends up at zero.
I keep on waiting for things to get better, a step up on the career ladder but I never know when it will happen. I just don’t.
I have turned down so many opportunities along the way because I keep thinking that things will soon get better. Now, it is so close to being true but my hope had already subsided. Everybody is excited but me.
So dear God, here I am at crossroads again, asking you for direction. I need your guidance on whether to keep holding on or just let go.
Dear God, let your will be done. I rest my fate upon your hands. Amen.


One thought on “Let His Will be Done

  1. Kelsey King says:

    So beautiful, I hope you are doing well. I miss you, funny as it is I just got on my account yesterday and was reading some comments. When I came across your comments it made me happy, which is so rare around now. ❤

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