Book Cum Ethnology Museum & Beeffalo: A Review


Situated at the heart of Marikina City is a newly-built museum for the history and book enthusiast alike. For only Php100.00 admission fee, guests are provided with a guided tour of both the book museum and the ethnology museum.

First Stop: Book Museum
The whole museum has been built in honor of the proponent’s father, Atty. Dominador Buhain. Inside the book museum are books, magazine and other printed paraphernalia that he has acquired throughout his travel to 215 countries around the world.Before you get to see his collections, you will have to go around the building first. At the front, the walls are divided into two murals, the left (if you are facing the museum) tells the history of printing in the world, the other, the printing history in the Philippines. One of the highlight of the museum is the smallest printed book in the world. Actually, it is a tablet with Chinese scripture. The writing is even smaller than my own and you would have to use a magnifying glass to read it (if you can read Chinese, but don’t worry, there’s a translated version you can read on top of the glass display). They also have miniature copies of the works of Shakespeare that would make your eyes ogle.
At the back of the museum is another mural depicting modern day Marikina. There is fish pond underneath that is a replica of the Marikina River. The mural shows the various places to visit in Marikina such as the Shoe Museum and Science Centrum among others.
The museum is also filled with marble feet. They have benches with feet as the well feet, and marble feet statues of the Buhain clan.

Last Stop: Ethnology Musem
The ethnomology museum has been the highlight of the trip. It featured Atty. Dominador Buhain’ collection of artifacts from Visayas and Mindanao (most are from Cordillera).The artifacts serves as a mirror as to how the Philippine natives live. From hunting gears to household tools, and even real life coffins, you can find them at the museum. You will even get to see skulls of human, crocodiles, dogs and other animals and find out their significance to the natives’ daily lives.
There is also a room in the museum where you are free to browse photos of Atty. Dominador and his adventures abroad.

Just like other museums, taking of photographs are not allowed, which is kind of disappointing. I would have loved the book museum more, if only they have a space for a library where one can feel free to read some books. It doesn’t have to be those in display on the glass shelves, just a thought of a library inside and the wonder of what books one might encounter would be worth it.

Side Trip: Beeffalo
Thanks to Groupon vouchers, me and my companion are able to save more than Php300 for a lovely dinner for two. For only Php288, we get Php600.00 worth of dining experience to Beeffalo.
The restaurant is located along Gil Fernando Ave.(about twenty minute walk from Blue Wave Mall). The ambiance of the restaurant is homey and pleasant, perfect for a family get-together.
Outside there are picnic benches with romantic lighting, perfect dates and even a barkada gimmick. Although we didn’t get to see the place in action at dark, we truly enjoyed our meal.

Seafood and Corn Chowder (Php90): A soup that will satisfy your craving for seafood combined with soft and sweet bites of corn. It’s creamy and delicious, making every sip and bite worth it.
Buffalo Chicken (195): You’ll get three slices of buffalo chicken which you can dipped in their special honey sauce. I never knew chicken and honey could be perfect for each other. I also tried the chicken with their homemade gravy and teriyaki sauce, and each just works perfectly well with each other. You can hear the crunch of the breading with every bite, making the eating experience more enjoyable.
Porterhouse (385)
The dish might sound expensive but it is definitely worth the price. We were served 250g of steak (well-done) that was cooked to perfection. The meat isn’t too tough or too soft, it’s just perfect. Put in some teriyaki sauce and you’ll get heaven in your mouth.

Our day has been filled with laughter, learning and even more laughter. It only goes to show that you need not spend so much to have a wonderful time. There are many places nearby that you could visit which would give you memories to rekindle from time to time.


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