Dear Nana

Dear Nana, how I wish that you are here
To brush my hair and whisper love on my ear
Let me sit on your lap as I cry my eyes out
For Nana, I just got myself a broken heart

I fell in love with a handsome young lad
He’s the best thing that I’ve ever had
But then I screwed it up and said goodbye
Now I don’t know what to do but cry

Dear Nana, won’t you tell me things will be okay
That everything will be fine at the end of the day
Oh how I miss you, how I long for your advice
You were always so sweet and has always been wise

Nana, would you know if he’s coming back to me
Would you know if the two of us are meant to be?
Can we put a band-aid so my chest would stop hurting
For this pain I feel is just too consuming


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