A Poem For Elmer


Dear Friend, has it been ten years already
We’re starting to grow old and I’m not ready
How I love to reminisce about our good old days
From puberty to college, we were together every phase

You were the one I cried to whenever my heart gets broken
You’re the goody two shoes that don’t let bad things happen
For every man in my life, you were there to scold me and support
For every teardrop that I shed, I had your hand to hold

No matter how far the distance that physically exists between us
I know that you will always be someone that I can trust
You’re the only person who can make my stomach hurt laughing
Just for being you, a funny, silly, wonderful being

Today is your birthday, sorry I can’t be there
Maybe on the next, or next next, heck we have forever
I’m here for the long run, the friend who give you headache
You can count on me to help you heal if you ever have heartbreaks