A Happy Wife, A Happy Life


When you commit to someone, always make her part of the equation
Ponder ‘What will she say, what will she think, what will she feel?’
It may sound tedious but this is what commitment means
For one false move can trigger her worst possible reaction

Do yourself a favor and choose to have a happy, peaceful life
By ensuring that you have a happy and contented wife
Marriage is more than just writing vows and saying ‘I do’
It asks of you to continuously work on your relationship too

Take her out to dinner, make her laugh out loud
Make her feel she’s the best thing you’ll ever have
Hold her hand tightly and wipe her tears
In your arms she has nothing to fear

Treat her special, make her feel like she’s a princess
And you’re her prince ready to save her from distress
Remember that you hold her fragile little heart
Holding on to the promise you won’t tear it apart


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