Dear God (Entry No. N)

Dear God,
Yesterday I was ranting about my work and my love life to a friend of mine. I love my job, I like what I get to do but there are sometimes that it isn’t what I always wanted it to be, and there’s the meager income fact. Sure, it’d get upgraded once I become a regular employee but the agony of waiting is well… you know what I feel, even better than I do.
Today, I just got a phone call, well I saw an email first. It was from a top-rated TV station in the country, OFFERING me a job. It isn’t just an invitation for a job interview. It is actually a JOB OFFER. The person on the other line has been calling me for two days now but the phone that I am using rejects unknown numbers so I couldn’t answer it. They wanted me, and so they sent me an e-mail to call them. I did. I thought it was a spam message at first but when I talked to him, he was really selling me the job. It’s a good show. It’s the kind of show that I want to do. I get to work as a researcher for a subject I’m passionate about. I get to be part of telling stories to people. I get to be part of something I have always dreamt of.
Then, reality strikes, I am the eldest of three children, thus partly responsible for helping them out in their education. The job I love is only good for three months, it’s contractual and talent-based. There is no guarantee that I can do it for a long-term. I cannot risk my family’s sake.
I am so torn right now. Let your will be done and whisper into my heart which path I need to take.