Shorts and Sunglasses (Weekend at Baguio)

I’ve been to Baguio when I was a child but I was only two at the time and had no recollection of that day that being to Baguio eighteen years later felt like coming there for the first time. Since it is only for a few days and I had the tiniest bag in the world that I could possible bring (that or a huge luggage), I brought shorts instead of pants.
We went to the usual places that a tourist visits whenever s/he comes to the City of Pines.
After visiting some relatives, we went to Burnham Park, ride some bikes and ride a boat. We also pigged out at Barrio Fiesta where we order off almost everything in the menu and there was no leaving until we finish everything. The funny thing about the park is that there are no free toilet. Everywhere we look, we see toilets that charge you P5.00 for tinkle and P20.00 to go potty. You can avail an unlimited use for Php50.00 per day, talk about business.

My aunt's family and I (tag-along) pigging out and having fun at Barrio Fiesta located near the park

My aunt’s family and I (tag-along) pigging out and having fun at Barrio Fiesta located near the park

I forgot the place where I got to wear this Ifugao costume for unlimited picture taking for only twenty pesos. At first I was embarrassed but hey, who know’s when I’ll ever get the chance again right? And so I did, I even do fight poses. There were now so many tourists hanging around that we didn’t stay for too long.

The normal and the Ifugao Look

The normal and the Ifugao Look

Next stop is ‘The Mansion’, yep the famous white house of the Philippines where the former president (do your research) once resided. It was a grand mansion that we are not allowed to go into. All I can say is that it has terrific landscape. It was followed by a trip to the military camp where a friend of my uncle works. My aunt was joking that we were going to find a boyfriend for me there. Unfortunately, the friend of my uncle was away and Mr. Boyfriend-to-be was nowhere in sight. What we got to see though are old helicopters and guns and machine tanks and a lot more choppers that were used before during the war and other missions. I wanted to go to PMA before but only for the rifle twirling stuff and the discipline I will get to learn. Dressing plain and looking all neat and clean, well that’s a good thing but I don’t think I can give up my dress-wearing sometimes maarte side. Also, I prefer bows and arrows (Yes I know how to use em, I got a 1.25 in my archery class) over guns. I’ll just learn to twirl a rifle on my own time.
Baguio isn’t as cold as I was told it used to be but it is still chilly and a view to enjoy. If ever you want a trip out of town to just let loose and be a hundred miles away from where you are, I’d recommend this trip for you.

Shorts and sunglasses: A weekend at Baguio

Shorts and sunglasses: A weekend at Baguio


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