Science Explorer Time (Trip to Science Centrum)

Located in the shoe-capital in of the Philippines is one of the country’s fun science interactive museum. You don’t even have to pay five hundred bucks to experience it. Just hop on a jeepney and if you have metrodeal vouchers go for it (P69.00), but if you don’t, the fee is just P150 for adults or if you’re a student, you get to pay less (even teachers get discounts).
Once inside, your sight will be filled with more than one hundred science experiments you can get to try for yourselves. The first and probably my favorite experiment to try is the Earthquake Drill. It’s a piece of bench that let’s you experience what it feels like during an earthquake. It feels like a horizontal swing really, and would be a good stop when the other experiments turns you dizzy (yes some of them will).

Sit down and let the earthquake drill bench take you to a ride

Sit down and let the earthquake drill bench take you to a ride

The thing is, I came to this museum to be placed inside a bubble, and I half succeed. Yes, just by half, the bubble would burst before my companion could take any pictures. There are lots of bubble experiments to try. You can spray them around and create little and big ones, get yourself inside one or create a super long one that takes seconds to burst.
They also have this weighing scale that lets you calculate your weight in Mars, Venus, Jupiter.. yes the other nine planets. They also have a flight simulator that lets you experience how to be a pilot. You can see various constellations and even hold the planets in your hand. If you’re lucky you can try the gyrocopter that will make your head and whole body spin round and round.
Try to put yourself inside that bubble. Do it and you make me envious.

Try to put yourself inside that bubble. Do it and you make me envious.

Hair O Hair, they have this giant fan that will blow your hair off (if it’s a wig or too weak, of course). If you stand in the center, you won’t feel a breeze, but move even just an inch and watch people outside ask you if “Mahangin ba sa labas? (Is it windy outside?) Or if you want you can, let them up, literally up as you touch this steel ball and laugh yourself out not really feeling any electricity but seeing it in your hair. I love that static thingy (I forgot what it’s called).
They also have this house that isn’t flat but does when you look at it through a peeping hole. The house of fun, the greatest house of all is the house of deceit. One look and you feel like you’re falling (not exagerrating, this one). One look and you will be trying to hold on to anything. The surface is flat but your eyes would see it as not and mess up with your brain. It was mind blowing that I just had to try it twice.
Let your hair down, sideways or even up

Let your hair down, sideways or even up

Lights, camera and more fun lights, that’s also a good section of the museum. I got to take shadow pictures, remains of what my shadow was from a few seconds back, get mystified by that plasma ball that feels like it can show you the future. They even have bicycles that makes the light turn on.
There are a dozen more experiments I have tried and I would love to write about them all but you have to experience it to really enjoy it. So go ahead and take a trip down Riverbanks, Marikina and let the curiousity in you gets satisfied.

P.S. Dear Bi, I hope you don’t mind me using your photos.


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