I’m Going to Travel and Write

Dear World,
I am 21 years old, a lexophiliac who works a communications officer for one of the Philippine’s top utility firm. Still, my salary remains very meager and a start-up rate. With all the bills that I have to pay and having to help out my family who lives in my hometown, I get zero or even a negative savings at the end of the month.
My sweet indulgence is to travel to wherever there’s something free. Free entrance to the museum, free concert, free whatsoever that involves culture, history, freebies and a great story to tell after. Living in the metro had allowed me those perks, I’ve been able to visit places I have wished I was able to go out on a field trip to when I was young.
Still, I want more. I am craving for more. I want to explore the country more. I want to go cave exploring, mountain climbing, biking, trekking and go wherever I could. I want to experience and hear about the history of century old churches and towns whose tales continue to resound in the modern times.
The first place I fell in love with is Ilocos. My next blog will be about that by the way. Then there was Baguio, then Laguna, but there still so much more that I want to visit.
I am young and I want to start as young as I could and reach as many places that I can and be able to tell the world about it. My first trip (plan) is Bacolod. I don’t know why but I just got this sudden obsession to visit the place and how I do it, with my meager income? Well, I started with a jar that I feel with loose change from my pockets (devoting a large portion of your salary in one go makes me feel guilty when I could just send it to my family). Also, I am (it’s a long shot I know) accepting donations via paypal joanmiranda0715@gmail.com. I’m also cutting my massages, lessening my Potato Corner and Dairy Queen and chocolate purchases (gulp). I have a goal, I have envision it and through His Grace, my efforts, and whosoever helps I’ll get to those places one by one.


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