A Happy Worker’s Note

Finding the perfect job is like searching for Mr. Right. There are some that you could only glance to but never given an opportunity to even introduce yourself and say ‘Hey, I think I’m the one for you’. Some you could only get a single date with, and if you’re not the right match, they turn you down.
I believe in the saying that a happy worker is a productive worker. The question is, how does one become a happy worker? I’ve been working for almost a year (my first job) and I have experienced many ups and down in the corporate world and formulated my own answers.
There are many factors that contribute to being a happy worker.
First and foremost, you must be in love with your job. Find something that wouldn’t bore, that would challenge you and make you a better person.
Second, your love must be well-reciprocated. In times like this that are economy hasn’t been fair to all, we need to be smart. The amount that you are paid for must at least be equivalent to the effort that you are exerting.
Third, create a happy workplace. No matter how high you get paid, how much you love your job, if your workplace is toxic, it’d be more of hell than heaven. Find a mutual ground with your work mates, find something that you can jive into, get the feel of how to work with them, especially with your superiors. It’s not always that you will find a good boss that will lead you and continue to inspire you to work harder, sometimes they would make you want to quit your job. Court them but not too much.
If I am to assess my own job status, I’d say I’m happy. I love my job, I love my boss and my office mates are all happy and quirky to work with. I am lucky to have this as a first job and even if there are times that I have wanted to quit due to toxicity of the environment at times, it’s still a wonderful place to work with. It has taught me a lot and utilized my skill. Yet now, I’m taking a leap and trying out for something new.
I’m hungry for this opportunity. With this, I know that I can utilize my communication skills more, that I’d get to go out more and experience more. It’s that hunger for more, that thirst for more knowledge that this opportunity could provide me.
So I am asking for His Grace, I want this with my heart. I know I’ll work twice as hard as I do in my job today and love every moment that I get tired because of it.


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