The Impatient Bride

Next year they’d be married, at least that is the plan
But half the year is gone and nothing has been done
No invitations were set, nor were the guest list prepared
No gown has been tried on, her hope starts to fade

She longs for security and the idea of starting a family
Yet this guy she loves failed to kneel down on one knee
He hasn’t even met her father and asked for her hand
She loves him but she’s tired, she doesn’t know where to stand

He says he loves her and a future they will create
But no actions has been taken up to this very date
Her heart wants no one else to be her partner in life
She longs a life with him, to be his lawful wife

This impatient bride with her heart in her sleeve
Unable to decide whether to wait or just leave
The idea of a future with this man she loves
Is that still something she can possibly have


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