Through the Reader’s Glass

Death threats were among one of the reasons why I wanted to become a reporter before. The thrill of risking your life in exchange of delivering the truth the public must know. I was naive when I said that. Right now, I still want to become a journalist, I still am after exposing all sides of the story but death threats are something I no longer crave for.

Having read this editorial piece ‘Theft in Inquire boggles the mind’ made me think of what I would have done if I was in his shoes. Like any ordinary person, I would be scared of course. My heart would be pounding like crazy and I’d probably be shaking, knowing in the back of my head that it is not just my belongings they wanted taken, but probably my life as well. When I’m finally able to think half-straight, I’d start writing ‘In case I die…’ notes. I would be writing probable suspects. I would call on my staff to get all the fact sheet ready, lock myself in the office and write. I will write as much as I can, publish as early as I can, leave behind back-ups (just in case I won’t get to finish them) traceable only by a selected few.
It is scary and yet still sounds exciting. It would mean that this scandal I’m writing is worthy. It will rattle the nation and I get to be part of exposing it. I get to unmask the faces of people who we never thought of as corrupt or unjust. It could be a legacy of mine. Years will pass and people might forget who wrote the article but they will remember this incident. Also, it would be quite an honorable way to die.
Being a journalist is one of the riskiest jobs in this society. You step on someone’s toes and you might get a loaded gun over your head. Well, part of the job means you have to step not only on their toes but their whole feet. Why do they it? Is it for the fame? Well risking your life for that would be an idiot’s choice so it has got to be something else (I assume).
You can’t say that it’s because of the paycheck because they pay is meagerly average. You don’t get rich unless you yourself become a news item. These journalists risk their lives because they are after the truth, not only for themselves but for every one who cares enough to read their story. They write because facts come along and ask them to be written about. It’s a passion and great love for society.
To all the journalists in inquirer, let me say thank you in behalf of our society. You have been on call almost 24/7, staying up late and drinking a lot of caffeine to polish your stories, delivering news we all must mind. You are these nation’s modern heroes. May you continue to be inspired to serve.


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