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I don’t need a grand future, just certainty of one is enough
A house of our own that is filled with love and many laughs
A bed, a chair, a fan, even if their just the basics
As long as we can afford all those things that we need

How are we to get there? Be a man and take the lead
Be that man that I strongly look up to and believe
I want you to be ready not just to be my lover
But someone worthy and stable to be called a father

Offer me not just your love but a promise of security
I need to know that in these plans, you are with me
That they are not just particles of our imagination
That they will become real, ours to hold and to own

How long must I wait before I give up hoping?
Before I accept that this is just what it is?
That what we have is what we have at present
That I cannot have the future I thought we wanted


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