When writing is your only outlet

I trusted you not once, not twice but for so many times already. Each time I believed you and gave you as whole of myself that I could. I forgave everything as if you just accidentally slammed the door on my hand. I believed every stupid lie you said about not doing it again, but still you did, repeatedly, knowingly.
Right now, I wish that time would fly so that I could get out of here, so I can run away from here and scream how much this hurts. If you love me as you say you do, then why does it feel like you don’t care how I feel. In person you could win me over in the blink of an eye, you look so sincere and full of love that letting go of the hurt felt easy. Every time we part though, hours after, or sometimes even minute, it is as if you’ve forgotten everything that you have just said. It was if I no longer exist inside your world. How could you?
We were friends. I liked you because I thought you were different. You were weird, you were unclassified but the type that seems like wouldn’t hurt a girl. That’s what made me fell for you. I thought that you would take care of my heart, that you would handle it with care as if it is your own, but all you do is break it, hammer it to pieces.
Have I done anything to deserve all this? Have I said something I shouldn’t? Have I done something I shouldn’t? If I have done you wrong, then forgive me for whatever it is.
You promised me you wouldn’t do that again, not to her, not with anyone. Even before that, when this incident had happen before, you also told me you wouldn’t do it again but you did.
Do I really seem so easy that you feel like you could get away with whatever you will do? Well, you may say no but right now, this is all I feel.


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