Someone told me how jokes are really half-meant
So let say it is a joke, what if she had said yes
So now I know you’ve seen her, every part of her
So now I know you had little fantasies of her
Sorry that I got in the way of your conversation
Sorry because of me it took you so long to reply
So you still remember what her favorite position is
So you share with her intimate moments in the dark
So here we are now, and you tell me it’s a joke
So you say you’re sorry, but I have heard that before
So… So… So… what now?
So what promise will you say and break the next day
So what words of love will you use to win me over
So you said you no longer have affairs on the network
So you say you don’t flirt, but what it is that I read
So… so what now?
So is this how our story will be ending?
So this is how I will remember you by?
So you’re the guy who says he’s different from my ex
So you say, so you’ve said, so what now?


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