I wish I’m wrong

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I’m scared. This is one of the times that I wish I’m wrong. I wish I’m just assuming things. Even so, dark thoughts keep on circling my head. Did his secret love finally confessed feeling for him but now its too late because he’s with me? Did he find out that my suspicions are correct and that girl I often get jealous with is truly in love with him? Does he regret putting our status on Facebook and someone, one of his hang-ups, got mad at him for it? Does he feel chained and suffocated? Did I do something wrong?

Why do I feel a looming goodbye? Why do I feel like he’s going to slip away? No words have been said but my heart is breaking with the continuous silence. The more that I don’t know what’s going on, the more that I get hurt.

Am I still that much of a stranger that he can’t confide in me?

I feel useless knowing you are hurting
I feel unworthy with you not confiding
Am I that much of a stranger still to you
That you have parts you keep hidden too

How long will the silence keep on breaking me
How long before I find out the judgement to be
I am scared like a little child of thunder
Scared of not knowing and having to wonder

My love, when you are ready, I am here
Willing to face the unknown that I fear
Wherever you will be the happiest
I wish you nothing but the best

Let me help you, let me give you a hug
Let me make you feel that you are loved
If it’s not enough, if I can do more
Tell me and I’ll do whatever you ask for


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